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PONDY SUN CONTROL   was co-promoted by the  Managing Directors Mr. Ravi & Mr.Karunakaran.

PONDY SUN CONTROL 25 years in the Puducherry.

The Company has developed in- Automotive Sun Control Films, House  Sun Control Films , Acrylic       Sheets, Colour Design Etching Stickers, Design Films, Design Stickers, Strapping Roll & Dispenser,       Floor Marking Taps, Heat Sealing Roll, Line Etching Stickers, Packing Tools, Pet Strapping Roll, Box     Strapping Roll, Packing Taps, Packing Tape Roll, Rubber Stamps, Name Board, Number Plates, Sun Pack Sheets & All Type of Packing Materials in Pondy Sun Control and put its first  Wholesalers & Dealers For Sun Control Films in the 25 years at Puducherry in State, The Company Wholesalers  & Dealers Sun control  Films for a variety of Industrial applications and also for making world class solar window films for automobile and architectural applications. Sun Control Films to packaged goods. That’s important because it ensures high quality and ultimately, total consumer satisfaction.

About  Us


Our primary vision is to enchant our clients by offering creative quality items at costs that make the financial aspects work.
Pondy Sun Control as a supplier of Car accessories & Sun Controls has grown a brilliant organization in view of the constant R and D speculation and quality improvement in the current framework.

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